Much of Kevin Kline’s life can be considered luck, or Divine Intervention as he’s come to believe.  Radio was a back up plan as he always thought he’d become a pro athlete.

Kline, the nephew of the actor of the same name, is currently a morning radio co-host of the Q Morning Zoo on KKBQ (The New 93Q) in Houston, TX.

While broadcasting from Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Kline noticed a beautiful young lady across the room playing with little bald kids. Kline introduced himself and she told him her story.

In September 2005, Chelsey Campbell was 15 years old and the homecoming princess.  The next month, she was told she had a 10% chance of survival and that she may not even see age 16.

Chelsey and Kline became instant friends.  Through the torturous chemo, the radiation and the record-setting 27-hour surgery she endured to remove 95% of her tumors, she never lost her positive attitude, her fight, her determination and her belief that she would win her battle with cancer.

In June of 2006, at her 16th birthday party, Kline and his wife Trish gifted Chelsey with Snowdrop Foundation, a 501(c)(3) created in honor of her with the purpose of raising money for pediatric cancer research at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Kevin in the president and Trish is executive director of Snowdrop and the organization raises money at various events throughout the year.  Kevin also creates awareness for the cause by running marathons and distance events.