In September 2005, CHELSEY CAMPBELL was a fifteen year old high school sophomore and homecoming co-princess.

One month later, she was diagnosed with advanced, stage four, undifferentiated sarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissues that only affects fifty people worldwide, annually.  Statistically, only one person in ten survives this type of cancer.

Upon receiving her diagnosis, Chelsey told her doctor that she “would be that one person in ten”.

After three months of chemotherapy treatment, Chelsey had a record-setting 27 hour marathon surgery at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  Nintey five percent of her tumors were removed.  Only two remained in her body post surgery.  After four weeks of radiation, only one remained but continued radiation treatments did not eliminate this last tumor.

Chelsey lost her battle on December 9, 2006.

To the Campbell Family: Thank you for sharing Chelsey with us.  She said, her life ‘will continue for a hundred billion trillion years’…and so will our love for her.”